Two Bonnie Doon area homeowners are frustrated with drivers constantly parking in front of their property, so they're now trying to put a stop to it with their own signs.

One homeowner on 82 Avenue is using a no parking sign and pylons to stop mainly construction workers from leaving their vehicles there.

The other, on 83 Street, is using a homemade sign that says "no road worker parking."

"I wanted to be able to park in front of my house every once in a while," Geoff Harris told CTV News Edmonton.

He said the sign there will stay there until Valley Line LRT construction is over.

TransEd acknowledged construction is disruptive and it wants to be a good neighbour, but reminds them it is public parking.

The crowded street is not a "big deal" for Tori Smith, who said, "Sometimes I have to park like three houses down from my house."

A complaint has been issued against the "no parking" set up on 82 Avenue, and enforcement will likely remove it.

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Jeremy Thompson