It’s believed a party in a northeast apartment suite escalated into violence Monday night – leaving two young men suffering from stab wounds.

Police were called to the apartment building, in the area of 118 Avenue and 37 Street after midnight, where two teenaged boys were suffering from non-life threatening stab wounds.

Both were transported to hospital by paramedics.

Officers on the scene said a group of teenagers had been drinking when the incident occurred.

In addition to the teens suffering from stab wounds, one teenaged girl was also taken to hospital for ‘alcohol-related’ illness.

Police were questioning a group of other teens that had been taken into custody, but it’s not clear if any of them were involved.

“We have investigators working on it right now, to try to determine the cause, the people involved,” Acting Staff Sgt. Blair Dezwart said on the scene. “It’s still fairly preliminary right now.”

Officers were also called to the suite earlier in the evening for a noise complaint.