Concerned parents from a local school are attending a public school board meeting to voice their concerns over a proposal for Wi-Fi installation.

Parents whose children attend George P. Nicholson aren't pleased that the school board wants to use the technology. And they plan to bring those concerns to the board Tuesday.

"There is scientific information that is saying that this might be dangerous to children," said parent Gina Shimoda.

Currently, three quarters of Edmonton public schools already use the technology.

Health Canada reports frequencies between three kilohertz to 400 gigahertz is safe. Wi-Fi falls well below the upper limit, maxing out at five gigahertz.

"Health Canada's position is that Wi-Fi is absolutely safe in schools. There's no scientific evidence that tells us otherwise," said Beth Pieterson with Health Canada.

Still, school board trustees say they will hear what parents have to say.

"We are continuing in this direction until told otherwise," said school board trustee Michael Janz.

Shimoda feels the problem is with the constant exposure.

"There is not one study, not one study that looks at long-term effect of Wi-Fi."

There have been similar questions raised by scientists around the world. And some libraries and schools in Europe and in California have gone as far as removing the technology.

It was just last month a House of Commons committee recommended more study on the long-term effects of low frequency electromagnetic radiation.

Shimoda says she remains firm on her argument.

"Why would we expose them to even more radiation in the school?"

She says she hopes the school board will at least give the technology a thorough look before it is implemented in every school in Edmonton.

"I hope the trustees will have a good discussion about this."

With files from Bill Fortier