Over 100 people were believed to be involved in a heated protest at the Belmead Community League Hall Saturday afternoon.

Police responded to the hall at 182 Street and 90 Avenue just before 3 p.m.

Media and the general public were removed to a safe distance.

Officials said after the officers arrived a large group of protesters surrounded them.

The officers then called for back up and over 45 officers were deployed to the scene.

About 40 people were believed to be meeting inside the hall.

Protestors called the gathering in the hall of Ethiopian government supports was illegal and they were standing up for those in their home country.

“They are speaking out you know for the right of their brothers and sisters in their home country and the illegal meeting the government agents are holding here and they are agents and messengers,” Derej Geleta explained to CTV News.

“It is a peaceful demonstration for the right of our peoples in our home country,” he added.

Around 5:30 officers were able to evacuate those from inside the hall.

Officials said there were no arrests at the scene.

Investigators said they were looking at laying charges against one of the protesters. 

With files from Nicole Weisberg