The future of the Rossdale Fire Station is in the hands of a city committee – but the proposal to re-open the old facility is being met with mixed reviews.

On Monday morning, the Community Services Committee heard a report on the proposal to re-open the station.

The old fire station building in the Rossdale neighbourhood is currently home to Edmonton’s river rescue operation – the proposal would add fire services to the site, making emergency response in the river valley more efficient.

“We’ve been operating for the last 15 years in a delayed fashion,” Fire Chief Ken Block said. “[We] have to bring in crews from other locations to that site.”

Critics are worried about an increase in noise and traffic.

“We are not suggesting that this be placed in someone else’s backyard,” Lynn Parish, President of the Rossdale Community League said. “That is a fire hall that should only be constructed outside of or at the worst on the very edge of a residential neighbourhood.”

However, for some that wouldn’t be a problem.

“It certainly affects some more than others, and not just those in South Rossdale,” Rossdale resident Jim Rivait said before the board Monday. “In fact, once trucks reach 97 Avenue and Rossdale Road, the sirens will likely be in use and I may hear two or three more sirens in a day, and I’m ok with that.

“I think it’s the price we pay for living in the city.”

The report presented Monday stated 55 percent of area residents polled support re-opening the hall at the current location – while 35 percent oppose the project.

It’s hoped a repaired station would support the busy downtown fire station, and improve river rescue times.

“From a safety perspective it’s really helpful to have those extra set of eyes and ears in the community at all times of the day and night,” Resident Darcey-Lynn Marc said.

The cost of renovating the existing building would be about $4.5 million; a brand new building could be built at an alternative location at a cost of $13 million.

With files from Brenna Rose