Members of Edmonton’s City Council will soon feel the effects of Alberta’s struggling economy, as their salaries have been cut for 2017.

As of January 1, compensation for Mayor Don Iveson and the city’s twelve councillors decreased by 2.49 percent, meaning Iveson will make $173,269 and councillors will make $98,362.

“I think obviously we’re in a tough economy, and a lot of people have been going through some challenging times,” Councillor Andrew Knack said. “So for us to obviously experience what others are going through that makes a lot of sense.”

In 2016, Iveson was eligible to receive $177,695, while members of council were slated to receive $100,873.

Back in December, Iveson told CTV News he expected the decrease.

“Now that it’s coming down, you know, I’m not disappointed by that,” Iveson said. “You would think I would be but I think it’s appropriate.”

Salaries for City Council are based on average weekly earnings of Albertans, as reported by Statistics Canada, and then is decided upon by an independent committee made up of Edmontonians.

“We should have an opportunity to say ‘Well, no I’m happy to stay where I’m at’,” Knack said. “No, it’s an automatic formula determined by that stat, and I think it’s the right way to go about it.”

One third of the mayor and councillor’s salary is tax exempt, and members of City Council also receive vehicle allowances, parking and transit passes.

With files from Amanda Anderson