Eight people were injured after a fire broke out in a north east Edmonton home early Tuesday morning.

Fire crews arrived at the scene around 5:00 a.m. and contained the smoky blaze to the kitchen of the residence near 33 Street and 106 Avenue.

Capt. Mike Westfall of Edmonton Fire Rescue said smoke forced some of the individuals to the upper level of the townhouse, "We had to take some out by the ladder upstairs, they were trapped - crews did a great job."

Fire crews had the situation under control quickly after arriving, with damage contained to the home.

A total of eight people were injured in the incident, the neighbour kicked in the door in an attempt to help the people inside the home.

“Two were transported right out of the shoot, some were treated down the road, the neighbour’s ankle was checked because when he kicked in the door, he hurt his ankle,” Westfall said.

Seven people were treated for smoke inhalation, later Tuesday, four remained in hospital.

Investigators said it’s believed the fire started in the kitchen, where someone had started heating up oil on the stove, but fell asleep.

“I understand that the fire was going off for a length of time, the smoke alarm went off, but they ignored it, or for some reason didn’t respond quick enough and the fire grew quite rapidly, and by the time they realized there was a fire the house was filled with smoke,” Tom Karpa, with Edmonton Fire Rescue said Tuesday afternoon.

Officials said damage to the home is estimated at $80,000.