It's been ten years since a 13 month old girl walked out of a north end Edmonton home, froze and came back to life.

Raw emotions bubble to the surface when those closest to the story recall that day.

"Those feelings those emotions of scooping her up…like the coldness…and it just sits there with me," says Leyla Nordby, Erika's mother.

Baby Erika is now 11-years-old. The story of what happened that day is one she is accustomed to hearing, one she easily re-tells.

"It was really cold and I walked outside," recalls Erika.

Erika's pediatrician describes this as a medical miracle that still astounds him to this day. It's also a tale of survival that propelled the Stollery Children's Hospital to notoriety.

Tonight at six, CTV's Serena Mah sits down with Erika and her mother to talk about life after a miracle.