A day after an Edmonton woman posted an online ad offering to swap an old engagement ring for Oilers swag and a case of beer; someone willing to make that trade came forward.

On Thursday, CTV News spoke to Shauna Gonek, who had posted an ad on Kijiji offering an old engagement ring to trade for two orange Oilers jerseys (specifically for two players: Leon Draisaitl and Connor McDavid), and a case of Coors Banquet beer.

“[The ring] has literally been sitting on my dresser for almost 10 years,” Gonek said Thursday. “It’s a ring from my ex, so I wouldn’t want to buy jewelry from that, but I don’t mind wearing a jersey.”

The beer was for sentimental reasons: “My parents used to drink stubbies, and it just reminds me of my childhood.”

The ring had been appraised for about $2,500 – and her former fiancé didn’t want it back.

“I think we need to move on, get rid of the ring and hopefully we’ll get another ring for the Oilers,” Gonek said.

Gonek is a mother of six, and said she can’t afford to buy two jerseys herself.

Those specific jerseys were hard to come by, but United Cycle was going to have a new shipment arrive Friday.

“We’ve got another 130 jerseys arriving [Friday], a portion of those are Draisaitl,” Kelly Hodgson said. “We expect those on waiting lists or will be sold very quickly.”

On Friday, CTV News learned that a young Ontario man, visiting Edmonton, saw Gonek’s story – and couldn’t let the chance go.

The young man, who has asked to not be identified (as he is preparing to pop the question, and doesn’t want give that away to his intended fiancée) bought the jerseys at United Cycle, and added another case of beer to the trade as well.

With files from Angela Jung