A series of three-hour tours were held Sunday in northeast Edmonton, with the goal of showing Edmontonians where local food is grown.

The bus tours were put on by the Greater Edmonton Alliance and Live Local – and more than 400 people hopped on the buses, to see farmland within the city limits.

“So what we’ve done is organized over 400 citizens to go on bus tours to northeast Edmonton and meet some of the producers and stand on the land,” Organizer Debbie Hubbard said. “[They could] sample some of the produce of the people who are growing some of the food here in Edmonton.”

The event was held ahead of a decision from City Councillors.

This fall, City Council will decide what to do with the land where much of the produce is grown, as part of their food and agriculture strategy.

Local berry farmer Jackie Clark believes that developing the land into commercial or residential property will be a great loss to the city.

“We would suggest that this area would be best for growing,” Clark said. “If it was to turn commercial or residential this particular area along the river, that’s number one soil for growing food.

“I think it would be a loss to the city.”

The GEA and Live Local hoped this event will not only raise awareness for local food producers, but encourage more Edmontonians to eat locally grown food.