Weeks after Edmonton police turned to the public for help tracking down two high-risk offenders, who were wanted on a number of charges, police said both had been found and arrested.

On February 12, police said they were looking for Wilfred Souvie, 30, who was wanted on charges of breach of probation and mischief.

Police said Souvie was arrested March 6 in Edmonton, on outstanding warrants. It’s alleged he breached conditions of a court order.

He’s in police custody, and is facing a charge of mischief under $5,000 and three counts of breach of probation.

Weeks later, on March 2, police said they were searching for Leon Halkett, 32, following allegations he had breached conditions of a court order.

Halkett was arrested on March 10 in Edmonton on outstanding warrants.

EPS said Tuesday he was still in police custody, and faces five counts of breach of recognizance.