Two Edmonton nightclubs and one city restaurant have been fined for violating fire code regulations during routine inspections.

The city says fire prevention officers found the Edmonton Event Centre nightclub, located in West Edmonton Mall and The Bank Ultra Lounge, located on 107 St. and Jasper Ave., violated fire code regulations during inspections in early 2009.

Officers also found a number of safety hazards at Mirama restaurant located on 94th St. Jasper Ave., during a routine inspection last summer.

Edmonton Event Centre received a $3,000 fine for having too many patrons inside, as did the Bank Ultra Lounge. The club received a $6,500 fine for having 35 per cent more people in bar than what was allowed. Back in 2007, the Bank Ultra Lounge was fined $4,000 for exceeding the amount of patrons allowed inside.

The Mirama restaurant was fined $5,250 for a number of infractions including, obstructing fire exits with storage, failing to have appropriate locks on a fire exit, removing several steps from the base of the second floor exit, storing a propane cylinder inside the building, and locking fire exits.

"You have the confusion and panic from an emergency situation then you have people going down the stairs, and if they were to encounter a locked exit you now have them piling up at the base of the stairs," said Capt. Marianne Skippings, fire prevention officer.

The businesses received the fines after pleading guilty during separate court appearances in February of this year.