A balanced approach is the most effective way to keep Edmonton's roads clear of ice and snow, according to recommendations from the City of Edmonton administration.

The city uses anti-icing, de-icing, plowing, blading, sanding and more to try to keep roads clear of ice and snow. The latest report recommends continued use of all the tools available, including calcium chloride.

"We feel that the benefits of our data-driven approach outweigh any of the disadvantages," said Deputy City Manager Gord Cebryk.

Cebryk said it's important to have options available, so crews can choose the right tool for the conditions.

"Benefits also include improved operational efficiency, resulting from our ability to use the right amount of material, crews and equipment," he said. "These new tools also allow better service standards for residents and businesses, and less reliance on any one particular tool such as sand or salt."

Having bare pavement in all road and weather conditions is in alignment with the City of Edmonton's Vision Zero goals, improving the safety of the city's roads.

The report will be presented to the Community and Public Services Committee on Sept. 4. Edmonton City Council will make the final decision on the recommendations.