A caring father can be credited for teaching his kids all kinds of life lessons.

Ahead of Father’s Day, we asked some of our CTV News Edmonton colleagues what their dad taught them:

“Probably a little humility, some loyalty, a whole lot of love. I try to instill a lot of that on my kids today so I’m trying to follow in his footsteps. I think I’m doing a pretty good job but you might have to ask him.”

- Robby Williams, host of CTV Morning Live

Stephanie Prues

“He actually taught me how to swim, and here’s how he taught me how to swim: he put on a pair of water wings and basically threw me into a reservoir and let me swim all the way across the reservoir. My mother was nowhere to be found and then when we got home he told my mother what had happened and basically she was the most angry I’ve ever seen her. She couldn’t believe he let me swim alone across an entire reservoir but after that I can swim.”

- Stephanie Prues, senior news producer

Karyn Mulcahy

“My dad taught me to always be responsible and take responsibility for my actions.”

- Karyn Mulcahy, digital producer

Chelas Skulski

“It was always just instilling a very hard work ethic in all of my brothers and sisters because I have many, and yeah, just taught us to be grateful for what we had and work hard for what we could get.”

- Chelan Skulski, host of Alberta Primetime

Brent Pushkarenko

“To value what you have and to be proud of what you’ve accomplished, and at the end of the day to know you’ve done a good job and done everything that you could, and to always look at the positive side of life.”

- Brent Pushkarenko, senior producer of Alberta Primetime

Jason Halbauer

“My dad taught me to always be dependable, always be there for people, just like he’s always been there for me. So he’s always been hardworking and there for me when he can be.”

- Jason Halbauer, news producer

Brett Barrett

“My dad has taught me to have a sense of humour about everything and to just be really generous with my time and do whatever I can for other people, because it’s something he’s done every day of his life and it’s something I really look up to.”

- Brett Barrett, news producer and writer

Jordan Hertner

“The value of hard work. He always made ends meet when there wasn’t a lot of money there. And he always pursued me to follow my passion because I don’t think he quite found his and I found mine because of all of that encouragement. A lot of love around the house. I could keep going but I think the biggest one is getting out and doing a good job and putting a smile on your face and enjoying life.”

- Jordan Hertner, traffic specialist for CTV Morning Live