It's been one week since Lyle and Marie McCann were officially reported missing by RCMP.

While signs have turned up, the couple still hasn't been seen or heard from in 15 days. Another person who hasn't been seen from either is Travis Vader, a person of interest in the disappearance of the McCann's.

CTV obtained new photographs and video of the couple. In the video, Lyle is giving his wife Marie, who was behind the camera, a tour of their backyard.

While RCMP has searched by air and ground, there is still no sign from the McCann's.

Criminologist and former RCMP member Bill Pitt has been frustrated by how this case has unfolded. But he believes Travis Edward Vader is more than a person of interest.

"The longer he stays in the wind, the longer he stays in the wild, the more it looks like the Mounties may have found their name," said Pitt. "Because innocent people walk in and try to clear their name."

Vader's own father calls him dangerous and residents living in the area where the McCann's burned out RV was found say they are fearful, many declining to comment in fear or retribution.

"People are afraid of this little bully boy," said Pitt. "When people are afraid of a person of interest, it can it hamper an investigation."

Vader is wanted on multiple outstanding warrants not related to this case, including possession of stolen property and the unauthorized and careless storage of a firearm. Pitt says he's snubbed his nose at the law for too long and had some strong words for him.

"Mr. Vader, for the first time, perhaps in a long time, be a man about this," said Pitt. "Walk into the Edson detachment or if you're in the city, go into any police station."

RCMP tells CTV News Vader is only considered a person of interest and that there is no evidence against him. They say they would like to eliminate him from the investigation.

For one week now, people in Alberta and across Canada have come to know this couple. A Facebook group set up to find them has grown to 25,000 people. As a symbol of hope and caring, many across Canada are leaving their porch lights on for the couple.

With Files from CTV's Kevin Armstrong and Janet Dirks