EDMONTON -- Can you talk about money on a first date?

Financial educator and author Kelley Keehn says you can – and should – but most people are painfully quiet about their finances.

"So many people don't even understand their financial life, let alone talking about it," she said on CTV Morning Live Edmonton.

Keehn has written a book to help people learn to feel good about their money. Talk Money to Me addresses debt, savings and financial planning.

The goal is to get people talking to each other about money.

"It's almost like we're stuck where we were in the 1960s with health – we used to whisper the word 'cancer' right?" Keehn said. "We're still not reaching out to people when it comes to our financial health."

According to FP Canada, money is cited as Canadians' number one source of stress.

Talk Money to Me also offers advice on how to choose the right financial professional for your money needs.