A woman who has been convicted of fraud in Canada and the U.S. appeared in a Leduc courtroom Monday. Caron Oderbien was accused of stealing a vehicle from the International Airport.

The trial on theft charges was supposed to begin, but the Crown announced it could not locate two witnesses and withdrew the charges.

Oderbien and her lawyer, Shawn Gerstel, were seen walking out of the courthouse shortly after.

Gerstel says his client is pleased with Monday's developments.

"It's our position right from the get-go that there never was a theft. Miss Oderbien has been waiting to have her day in court for well over a year now, she's maintained her innocence from the very beginning," he said. "She just wants to move on with her life now."

She became the subject of a CTV/W5 investigation after people began to come forward claiming that she had lied to them and stolen money from them.

In Edmonton, Oderbien ran a charity event called Ride for the Troops, which was intended to build a retreat for local soldiers. But that fell apart and money disappeared.

Her lawyer says she has no further charges before the courts.

With files from Susan Amerongen