EDMONTON -- One southwest Edmonton school has found a unique method of helping students burn off some pent up energy and find focus in the classroom.

Sweet Grass Elementary School formed a yoga club for students to enjoy at lunch five years ago

The club has really taken off in the last few years with as many as 80 kids participating some days.

The club is led by Stephanie Garcia, a Grade 2 bilingual teacher at Sweet Grass.

“I do yoga regularly, and I think yoga is one of those great things that’s accessible to everyone,” said Garcia.

The students take about 30 minutes out of their lunch break twice a week for the club.

They do some breathing exercises, a couple of flows, and finish with some yoga inspired games.

Many of Garcia’s fellow teachers have reported that the students participating in the yoga club seem more focused in the class, calmer, and more reactionary to what’s being taught.

Garcia has been participating in yoga for over 20 years and believes anyone can benefit from it, no matter the age.

“You can be two or 92 and kids love to move and I think anything that makes them a little more aware of what’s happening in their body or their minds is a great thing to do. I know I always feel better after doing it.”