EDMONTON -- If the pandemic is keeping you from heading to your local watering hole, an Edmonton company will bring the pub to you.

Brad Dick is the owner of Bounceroo Party Rentals. He’s been setting up bouncy castles in people’s yards for 19 years.

But his latest inflatable isn’t for kids.

In just a few minutes, it inflates to reveal an old country style pub.

Inflatable pub

“This is one of our smaller, backyard size inflatable pubs. It’s a great alternative to maybe a tent or something for your event to kind of give it maybe an old world charm or English pub feel,” Dick said.

Inside, there's a faux fireplace to help set the mood.

“It’s kind of cozy, you’ve got the fireplace and mantel and windows. Set up a few tables in there, maybe a good place to serve your drinks!”

Dick offers three styles of inflatable pubs. This one the perfect size for a backyard. The other two are roughly twice the size. He says they're gaining popularity thanks to the pandemic.

“People are doing more home events definitely.”

“We had a family earlier in the season who had a trip planned to Ireland, and because of COVID weren’t able to go, so we were able to bring a little bit of that old Irish pub right into their backyard.”

Jackie Shawyer rented the pub for a family birthday gathering.

“We could have a bouncy castle, you could have anything else, but a pub, you can’t beat a pub,” she said.

“We’re from England and we miss home, so what better way to have, than have a pub.”

She says it looks just like the pubs back home in the U.K.

“All we need now is a river running through and the canal boats going up and down. That would be great.”

Inflatable pub

They even added flowers around the entrance - and chairs next to the fireplace to make it look like home.

"We’ll do a village next time and we’ll have everything out here, you know perhaps something for the children too!"

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Amanda Anderson