A day after the Edmonton Humane Society put out a public call for adopters interested in adding a trio of massive canine siblings to their family, EHS said it had been overwhelmed with interest and applications were closed.

EHS said in one day, more than 200 emails had come in from people hoping to adopt Gasket, Gunther and Goliath, a set of bonded Saint Bernard dogs.

Late Wednesday morning, EHS announced it had closed applications for the time being. Staff will review the ones they have received and will start to set up adoption interviews.

Interested adopters have not only come forward from Alberta, but from across Canada, the United States and even as far away as Australia.

At this time, EHS said they are hoping to find a home closer to Edmonton in an effort to reduce stress on the three brothers, who need to be adopted together.

Due to international attention, some people who knew Gasket, Gunther and Goliath when they were younger came forward to share more details on their background. EHS said they have confirmed the dogs are five years old, which came as a surprise, since the pets' teeth are in good condition for their breed.

As staff begin reviewing applications, the organization thanked anyone who shared their story, and encouraged anyone interested in bringing a four-legged friend into their home to check out their local SPCAs, rescues and adoption agencies.