A three-year-old Alberta girl is recovering at the Stollery Children's Hospital after she was attacked by a dog earlier in the week.

Grande Prairie RCMP say the girl was playing with some dogs Monday night at a park when one bit her face.

The little girl had to undergo reconstructive surgery on Tuesday.

The girl's father says she was watching her family play baseball at the park when a Rottweiler attacked.

"It's not something that should be able to even happen," said the girl's father Rodney King. "It's a family-oriented place, it shouldn't even have dogs."

Police say witnesses told them the girl was seen playing with two dogs, which were tied up near the baseball diamonds.

Investigators say the girl reportedly had fallen on the larger dog, and that's when it's believed the animal bit the girl's face. 

The dog is now under a 10-day quarantine to ensure it doesn't have rabies.

"Not sure what happen if the dog wheeled around and met face-to-face and there was a bite. It's not like these dogs were roaming around hunting children or anything," said Sgt. Gord McMahon with the RCMP.

The girl's father says perhaps the dog wasn't trained properly, or maybe it was a freak accident.

But he says he doesn't want officials to risk this dog attacking another child, as he waits for his daughter to recover.

Doctors say little Caidynce will have some scars. The little girl turns four on Monday and the King family hopes to have a small gathering to celebrate.

If the dog checks out from the quarantine, it will have to muzzled if it comes into Grande Prairie. The dog will also have to be on a leash at all times.

There is no word at this point if the dog's owner will face charges.

With files from Kevin Armstrong