The mother convicted of drowning her two sons in early 2010, has arrived in Australia after being deported - only days after she was granted an early release from her manslaughter sentence.

CTV News has learned Allyson McConnell, 34, was deported to Australia Monday evening from the Edmonton International Airport.

McConnell’s mother was seen inside the Edmonton International Airport, and airport officials said McConnell and her mother were on the same plane when they left the city.

McConnell was escorted by federal officials through a separate entrance into the airport.

While she managed to escape the public eye when she left Edmonton, McConnell faced a swarm of media, as she left the Sydney Airport with her sister.

“It was almost eerie, she was deadpanned in the face, no emotion whatsoever,” Nine Network Australia reporter Dimity Clancy said in a phone interview with CTV News, moments after McConnell arrived.

McConnell was sentenced to six years per manslaughter conviction, to be served concurrently – but she was given two-for-one credit, leaving a 15 month sentence, and she would be eligible for early release after ten months.

As a result, McConnell was released late last week.

Once she was released, she was set to be deported back to her home country.

The province tried to push the federal government to keep McConnell in Canada, as two appeals are ongoing in the case – one for the sentence McConnell received, the other is for the acquittal of two second-degree murder charges.

However, Ottawa refused to step in late last week.

Regardless, the province is working to ensure McConnell would be extradited back to Canada, if the appeals are successful.

“We’re in the process of contacting the Australian foreign office to advise that she is a person of interest,” Alberta Solicitor General Jonathan Denis said Monday. “This is not over.

“We will continue with the appeal until all avenues have been exhausted and if the sentence of six years is increased to something more reasonable, we have full intentions of having her brought back from Australia to pay her debt to society.”

With files from Serena Mah