Investigators have now pulled pieces of trees from a camping site at Chip Lake Park located north of Highway 16. The development comes after a local fisherman told CTV News he believed he saw Lyle and Marie McCann's motorhome being driven erratically by two men around the same time the couple disappeared.

The fisherman, who wished to remain nameless, says he was out fishing at Chip Lake Park in early July when he saw a motorhome back into some trees at the campsite.

"[The] motorhome drove in and backed right in to the trees. Never even got out and looked, you know for damage for your motorhome. It was really odd, if you backed into some trees you would get out to take a look and see how much damage you did," the man said.

He says he got a look at the people driving the motorhome.

"One guy got out, he had on a checkered vest, a safety vest...the other guy was a big guy, he got back in and never saw him after."

The fisherman tells CTV News following that day he was watching the news when a story of the couple's disappearance appeared on screen. In the story, the man says an image of the couple's motorhome was shown.

"That's the motorhome that backed into the trees at Chip Lake Park. And I'm sure it was."

The missing couple left for B.C. on July 3rd and have not been seen or heard from since.

The McCanns' burned-out motor home was found on July 5th near the Minnow Lake campground approximately 35 kilometres southeast of Edson. On July 16th, their green Hyundai SUV was located deep in the bush about 30 kilometres east of Edson near Carrot Creek.

CTV News learned investigators have gone to the scene near Chip Lake to remove the lower portion of two trees.

Travis Vader was arrested in mid-July on charges unrelated to the couple's disappearance. He was picked up by officers at a rural residence near Niton Junction. On August 31st, police officially named Vader as a suspect in the case.

Mounties have questioned locals in Vader's hometown of MacKay about the man's actions.

There is about a 70 kilometre distance from Minnow Lake to Chip Lake.