It's been four months since a popular Whyte Avenue restaurant was damaged in a fire, and now the owners say they getting ready to open the doors once again.

Back in early April, Paul and Amslae Sumamo heartbroken after an overnight blaze caused an estimated $1.5 million in damage to the 4,000-square foot building where their restaurant was located.

Over the past 29 years the couple has collected art from their homeland, treating their restaurant as an ethnic gateway for the Whyte Avenue community.

"This reminds me of Lake Langano," said Paul while admiring a painting.

He grew up around the shores of Ethiopia's Lake Langano, the area's vibrant skies were an inspiration for the restaurant's name, Langano Skies.

The art has been in storage since the fire ripped through the building. Firefighters managed to fill the couple's car full of the art before the pieces suffered smoke damage.

"It was also an eyeopener for us, nothing is guaranteed for your life or your business," said Amslae. "It was very hard for us especially in the beginning, we didn't plan this, we didn't plan to be shut down in a split second."

The ceiling, floors and drywall at Langano Skies have been replaced. The couple hopes to be serving customers within a few weeks.

"Few things left over, they are not done, so we are hoping it is going to be done at the end of this month," said Paul.

Amslae says they've received a great amount of support throughout their ordeal.

"People e-mail us and sent us cards and phone us in house, so they give us lots of encouragement that really keep us going," she said.

With files from Sonia Sunger